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The Big Difference: Our Initial Protocol

‘Initial protocol’ used by all of our operators is a vital part of every treatment. It composes 3 stages: relaxation, tonification and obligatory base points, which together prepare and send deliberate signals to the nervous system. It causes deep relaxation and is an excellent preliminary sequence to any work of specific zones (be it a chosen system of the body, TCM element, circadian cycle, allergy and intolerance, etc).





The initial protocol unique and exclusive to ‘Dien Chan Zone’, was a gift of the first teacher who brought the technique in Italy, Mr. Le Quang Nhuan. I followed every moment of his presence in our country by translating him from day one. The creator of the technique had not yet appeared in Europe ...


My first teacher invented and taught the initial protocol of each treatment as a work of points and then, slowly over the years we developed a softer method which we now teach at our Academy.


All operators of ‘Dien Chan’ who mistakenly continue to teach it as a technique of points demonstrate that they have benefited from this man’s teaching. Perhaps at best, they may have read about his work.


For the love of truth, I must confess it was only after many years of studying with the great master Van Que Nguyen in Marseille that we discovered this ‘protocol’ practice was unknown to the original ‘inventor’ of the technique. It was this official teacher who authorized us to teach the ‘full’ original method of Dien Chan (which does not include this protocol).


After studying and using the method for 20 years, we understand the great potential and of this step in every treatment, which is why we continue to transmit it at all of our courses.


And so, from the bottom of our hearts we thank the gentleman Le Quang for this great intuition, even if he was not an ‘official’ representative of Dien Chan.


We hope to clarify that the transformations and optimizations of the technology itself began before its creator arrived in the West. We are immensely grateful for this occurrence.


And there, a piece of history we thought it necessary to share... from the people who have lived and witnessed the long journey of Facial Reflexology from East to West!


It should be noted that many others working with the method may never know, nor may they ever recover the steps and teachings that have allowed us to return the technique to a real ‘therapy’. That is why our method is unique, worldwide.


Wishing a wonderful therapy at all!






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