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The Duty of a Therapist


"As long as the feeling takes you...


This statement captures the attitude and life of a true therapist; do it as long as the feeling takes you.


Along the path, at some point, (we each have own specific time) after having had the good fortune to lay your hands upon thousands of people, one may begin to perceive a new vibration... Nothing special, but a subtle feeling of a new level of consciousness.


It seems an abstract concept described in this way but in reality it is a moment... a space in which the key turns in the lock and a new door opens... the magic contained in this room is the understanding that in any treatment, at every meeting, every time that we give spoken advice, we are living an absolutely unique space, a space created for us by the energy of our receiver.


No meeting will never be repeated, each occurs live, in the here and now with the presence of soul and awareness at all levels. Therein, at every appointment, every treatment we know that there it something special created for us as therapists. There lies, hidden, our great gift: in the end not the money, but the unique opportunity that the universe places in our hands to help us find our deepest and most profound essence.


When you arrive at this concept, treating a recipient will always be a celebration and never a chore, always a magic, always present and never superficial. Even after working with dozens of recipients we do not become tired because we have the knowledge tat every treatment offers US a new emotion.


If we do not live that feeling, if this interpretation seems distant from our experience, we may still have a long way to go with that therapy... Otherwise, it can happen that these feelings and this awareness of a meeting through therapy has already been realised, but we have come to feel that there is nothing more for us gain or to work on. In such a case, it would be recommended to stop and to engage our energies in something different... If we continue to work as a therapist, then maybe we could bring our contribution in another way, to be fair and just to all.


Wonderful therapy to everyone, enjoy and savour your facial reflexology!"


These words reflect the passion, dedication and artistry of 'Dien Chan Zone' and the unique teachings of Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergagnini, found only here at AIRFI.





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