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Case Study: Energy Blocks in the Knees or Joints

"I wanted to share my latest personal experience of the therapy (Dien Chan Zone) because I think it could be of use to all Facial Reflexology Therapists... I will try to be brief...


Last week I was suffering with one of my knees (both of which endured a severe trauma 25 years ago and were never operated on). These days they are still delicate and presented a violent physical stress. Namely, a very strong localised pain in the inner medial part - meniscal area - an unbearable tenderness and a block to which prevented me from walking.


Hospital visits were made, X-rays and MRI scans were taken and revealed the full picture revealed the state of my knees in all their glory!


I was advised absolute rest for at least 10 days, prescribed 'heparin' powerful painkillers and given a semi-rigid brace to keep things in place. My absolute intolerance to drugs didn't stop me from taking the first painkiller because I was truly in an intolerable state of discomfort. I took a second, a third and by the end of the second my digestive system was already broken down.


In the meantime, I was working every day with facial reflexology in the corresponding zone of the face, working insistently emergency point 61 for pain relief (a paint which signals to the body to produce anaesthesia and when pressed hard and long offers fast response).



The pain began strong on July 21st (of July) and by Sunday 24th, I received a facial reflexology treatment and 


Il dolore iniziava fortemente il giorno 21 e domenica 24 ricevo un trattamento di Riflessologia Facciale, in line with what we always discuss (at AIRFI), the following happened:


At the first passage to relax the nervous system (right forehead) I experienced a series of  contractions in my physical liver area, which diminished as the Therapist's work moved to the zone corresponding to my legs and, in particular, knees. Second, more than anything, the stimulation of the Penfield map, a series of contractions in my left ankle and spreading down he upper foot following the meridian of the liver. Again, insisting on the zone of the knee, I underwent an extremely strong, dense, almost unbearable pain inside of the knee in question. Exactly at the level of the meniscus was the feeling of having a flaming hot metal disk inserted! Calmly, I bent the leg... and after 4 or 5 endless minutes the pain diminished, the fire was extinguished.


From that moment onwards the treatment consisted of rest and rejuvenated me. Coming down from the bed I HAD NO PAIN of any kind in my knee. Incredibly, resting my foot on the ground I felt NONE of the previous soreness.


This state of peace has lasted to this day (written 3 days later) and still, is unexpectedly as powerful.


What have I learned , that I didn't know before, about the technique through my painful experience?


WHEN WE ARE FACED WITH A SYMPTOM which manifests as a great pain, it could be that it is an ENERGETIC BLOCK. Working with out technique can cause real tenderness int he part of the body associated - where there is imbalance. If you can manage to resist and trust in one's own body response (which always knows what to do) the  potential to UNLOCK and the consequential decrease of the symptom can be of TREMENDOUS


Thanks to Helen Black for treateing me and allowing me to try this new sensation ... you never stop learning ...


Splendida TERAPIA a Tutti! (Great Therapy to all!)








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