I certify that I have read and comply with the Association's Regulation.


I agree:


- To the storage and use of my personal data by the Association A.I.R.F.I. for the promotion and the information of their initiatives and their treatment to the extent necessary for the continuation of the statutory purposes. I am aware that in case of non-provision of personal data, the Association A.I.R.F.I. It will be unable to permit membership or course enrollment. 


- The communication of my personal information to anyone other than the Association A.I.R.F.I. , to the extent specified in the statement and in particular for the realisation of the purposes for which I provided my data to the A.I.R.F.I Association.


- To receive e-mail messages containing information about the activities run by A.I.R.F.I. and informative messages on topics related to the disciplines for which I have requested membership to the Association A.I.R.F.I.


- To post my image contained within photographs and / or video recorded in the course of activities organized by Association A.I.R.F.I and / or other entities belonging to the Association A.I.R.F.I. or in which the Association A.I.R.F.I. adheres.

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